Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I just Started This Blog

So i just Started this new Blog

The Plan is to have Certain Good bands and the people in them

TurboSleaze (Will, Steve Brian, Kevin)
The Genuine Imitations (me, maybe Harry and cal if there into it)
Phat Rascals (who have broken up but i sitll want to put out there record man (so Owen)Rainbow Party (Who we are hoping to spilt the release with Ray le Rugs new label
Mamo Jam (young Westchester kids who need more exposure,)
Sediment Club/Crime Scene (so Austin and laser and Vishal
Erroneous George (great new band from upper Westchester)

All of these people in these bands will have the pass word and be able to post whatever they want

I've already created the Pay pal so we can sell the albums off of here the hope is that all the bands can also get tracks down loaded off there computers so we can have there albums but here for free for two weeks when they first release them (or at least part of the records)

So I wanted to also give credit where credit is due and thank Ray from Le Rug for the idea of a Blog as a form for a lable/community

G.i. Dave